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Clothes for easy dressing guide

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Before you Buy, consider the points below:

General guidelines:

Loose-fitting styles will be easier. Elasticated waists avoid the need for waistband fasteners. Fasteners should be in an accessible position. Choose clothes with deep armholes rather than close fitting ‘set in’ sleeve. Separates are easier to get on and off than dresses or all-in-one suits. A few lightweight stretchy layers may be easier than one thick layer.

Fabric Choice: Jersey fabrics have more stretch than woven fabrics. A fabric with small percentage of stretch fibre (elastane/lycra) will help garment to keep its shape when stretched during dressing and undressing. Smooth silky fabrics such as satin in synthetic or natural fibres will slide on and off the body more easily than rough or textured fabrics. A coat with a smooth lining is easier to put on than fleece lined jacket.


  • Velcro: This fastener may be easy to open and close BUT it is not secure enough for use in any area where there is strain e.g. waistband unless it is used with a strap and ‘D’ ring. If Velcro is used, the hooked section should always be sewn on so that it faces away from the skin
  • Buttons: Flat buttons that are at least 2 cm in diameter are easier to grip and fasten, than small fiddly buttons. Toggles with loops may be easier to manage on a coat. Buttons sewn on with a long shank are easier. Buttons sewn on with elastic thread are easier and can be left fastened on cuffs when dressing and undressing. Vertical buttonholes are easier to fasten than horizontal holes and holes that are slightly larger than the button make dressing easier
  • Hook and eye: Small hooks and eyes on bras can be replaced with wide flat trouser hooks or Velcro strap with ’D’ ring
  • Zips: Are very reliable and are easier than most fasteners. Tags can be added to zip tags to make them easier to fasten Loops can also be added to the base of a closed-end zip so that if it can be anchored with one finger when the zip is being closed, and to both sides of an open ended zip so that are easier to grasp when the ends are being locked together