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Equipment advice

Apps for Care and Independence

Apps are being developed all the time, for use on your phone or tablet, to make everyday life easier to manage and promote independence and safety at home and when out and about. The ILC Occupational Therapists, along with the app review team made up of community therapists, social workers and visual/hearing impairment officers, have undertaken their own internal assessments of the apps before adding them to the website. These Apps are produced and maintained by third parties and any access and use of this app constitutes acceptance by you of the Terms and Conditions. See our Apps Disclaimer.

The apps displayed here include apps for: medication management, managing daily living tasks, carers, memory support, staying safe, and hearing or sight difficulties. If you are looking for apps to aid recovery and rehabilitation from a medical condition, please follow the link to the mytherappy website, for more information

Apps for Care and Independence equipment advice

Apps for Social Interaction

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Apps for Carers

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Apps for Hearing and Sight difficulties

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Apps for Staying Safe

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Apps for Medication Management

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Apps for Memory Support

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