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Equipment advice

Technology Enabled Care and Support

On this page our Occupational Therapists give advice about Technology Enabled Care and Support (TECS) equipment and the gadgets and devices that you can see at our demonstration centre.

Technology Enabled Care and Support equipment advice

Apps for Social Interaction

View our app suggestion for social interaction.

Apps for Carers

View our app suggestions for Carers

Apps for Hearing and Sight difficulties

View our app suggestion for hearing and sight difficulties

Apps for Staying Safe

View our app suggestion for staying safe

Apps for Medication Management

View our app suggestion for medication management

Apps for Memory Support

View our app suggestion for memory support

Reminders and guidance to do tasks

We all have our own way of doing those essential, everyday tasks. Our occupational therapists want to find out how you like to...

Technology for work and leisure

Computer access can be improved by supportive seating and the right table height, we also have a range of specialist mice and keyboards....

Technology for getting out and about

A Tracker might be the solution when someone you care for likes to go out and about in the local community but may...

Technology for household tasks

Technology can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room to help you to stay safe and independent when carrying out everyday...

Technology for eating and drinking

At the Independent Living Centre we continually research and add to our collection of gadgets to hep with eating and drinking. We know...

Technology for medication management

Technology can be used to support you to take the right medication at the right time. Our Occupational Therapists can help you to...

Technology for dressing

Finding the right clothes or recognising clothes may be a problem if you have reduced vision or recognising colours and garments. Talking labels...

Technology for cleaning yourself after using the toilet

Closomat and Geberit toilet bidets can both be used as ordinary toilets, but when you remain seated after using the toilet you can...

Technology in the bathroom

Bathrooms can be slippery and cramped and there are risks of slipping, or getting stuck in the bath. Before you find out about...

Technology for the bedroom

We all function better when we have had a good nights sleep. Our bedrooms are important places where we should feel comfortable and...
Technology Enabled Care and Support news, reviews and innovation
autonome app
We have been trying out the ‘AutonoMe’ app- a new tool in the Devon prescribers toolkit! It has simple to follow videos, providing a consistent ‘step by...
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