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Technology for getting out and about

A Tracker might be the solution when someone you care for likes to go out and about in the local community but may not find their way home. The tracker is carried or worn and can be connected to a carers mobile phone so that you always know where they are. ‘Safe zones’ can be set up on the tracker to enable the person to go about freely in your local area with alerts and location sent to your mobile phone only when they leave the safe zone. Most trackers can also be set up to detect falls and to alert you if that person falls with a map reference so that you can find them. We love these brilliant devices as they give a person more freedom to roam and we have a selection of trackers that we can show you and we can talk to you about technology to keep you or someone you care for, safe and orientated when going out and about. The person must give their consent for use of any monitoring equipment.

4 Tracking Devices

Falls detectors may be used indoors or outdoors and raise an alarm to either a care alarm service or a carer/family member who can assist. Some only detect falls that have an impact with the ground and others are set up to detect sudden changes in altitude and speed of descent. Mobile phones can be set up with a falls detection app for when you are out and about, to alert a carer and locate the person who has fallen. Most trackers can also be set up with this facility.

Falls Sensors and Alarms

Doors may be a barrier to your active life if you are unable to lock, unlock and open your door independently. We can give you advice about getting in and out of your front door safely and letting others come in with gadgets to make handles and keys easier to use as well as technology to help you automatically lock/unlock, open and close your door. We can also talk to you about intercoms and doorbells and key safes, to help you control who comes into your home if you can’t reach the front door. If you have hearing loss you may need technology to let you know when the doorbell, phone, or any alarms are ringing. Come and see the range of vibrating and illuminated alerts from Belman and Sympfon.

Belman and Sympfon alerts

Reminders may be useful if you need reminding to go to appointments and events throughout the day. These could be set up on your own mobile phone, or we can show you apps that help you to plan and remember your daily routine. We can also show you a range of electronic reminders that can be set up to give you audible or visual reminders during the day or night to help you plan your day and stay orientated. Some of these have generic messages that can be timed to suit you, others allow you to create your own reminder, some of these reminders work through your Wi-Fi and can be adjusted on-site via your computer, or a friend or relative can add reminders when they are on their own computers at home. See our apps suggestions for staying safe when out. 

Sensory loss: Devon has some great local services to support people with sensory loss to find equipment and solutions to stay safe and independent at home.

Devon in Sight (Devon Association for the Blind):

Jasmyn House Sensory Resource Centre For Torbay residents (Sight & Hearing): 01803 527776

See Hear Centre Barnstaple For North Devon residents (Living Options): 01271 373236

Sound Base: For Exeter and East Devon residents  01392 424018

The national charity The Thomas Pocklington Trust can give information and advice about gadgets and appliances to help anyone living with sight loss