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Technology for work and leisure

keyboards, mice and writing equipmentComputer access can be improved by supportive seating and the right table height, we also have a range of specialist mice and keyboards. We can show you the standard computer access features  to help when using  your home tablet or computer.

Reading books and newspapers can be difficult if you cannot hold the book while reading or get the book in the right place for you to see it clearly. We have some simple book stands thatHold it book stand can hold your book open at the right angle. You can try the  Hold It from The Thinking Gift Company , a very versatile device, with a wheeled stable base and infinite angle options to enable hands free reading. It can even support a book above you when lying in bed!

eReaders can make books and news more accessible with a choice of illumination and font size and  one button page turning facility. The eReaders can also connect to a ‘voice assistant’ to read the book to you. Some people re create this eReader function on their tablet or mobile phone, with eBooks available for purchase or from your local library, you can also borrow audio books from our local Devon libraries to listen to on your phone or tablet.

Telephone optionsPhones may be difficult to use if you are unable to see, hear, hold or use the phone to make a call. We have land line phones set up at the Independent Living Centre so that you can check which style works best for you when holding, dialling, speaking and hearing when making a call. We also have some simple mobile phones and information about other accessible phones and phone features that make phone use easier.

Hobbies: We love to hear about your hobbies and have information about gadgets that could help you continue with your art or craft, including brackets to hold your camera, one handed knitting devices and grip gloves for holding hobby equipment. If we find that the right gadget doesn’t exist then we can refer you on to REMAP a charity of OTs, technicians, carpenters and engineers who can make, adapt or invent the right gadget for you to continue with your hobby.

The Independent Living Centre Occupational Therapists have been reviewing current apps in collaboration with   MyTherappy have a look at our app reviews on these pages. See our apps reviews

Sensory loss : Devon has some great local services to support people with sensory loss to find equipment and solutions to stay safe and independent at home.

Devon in Sight (Devon Association for the Blind):

Jasmyn House Sensory Resource Centre For Torbay residents (Sight & Hearing): 01803 527776

See Hear Centre Barnstaple For North Devon residents (Living Options): 01271 373236

Sound Base: For Exeter and East Devon residents  01392 424018

National Charity The Thomas Pocklington Trust can give information and advice about gadgets and appliances to help anyone living with sight loss