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Equipment advice


On this page our Occupational Therapist gives advice about identifying the right size chair for you and the equipment at our demonstration centre that you can try, to support you when sitting and to get in and out of your chair safely.

Seating equipment advice

Taking Care when Seated

Guidance for carers at home

Finding the right size armchair

We tend to choose our easy chairs for style, colour and whether they are comfy. But if you are sitting for long periods...

At home and indoor activity advice

Seating position is important for all activities and we can look at how you sit and how you like to work and how...

Pressure relief and guidance

Finding a comfortable armchair is a matter of personal taste, some prefer a soft seat and others a more upright supportive chair. If...

Getting up from the chair advice

Getting up from your chair safely can be difficult and that may prevent you from getting on with everyday activities. Staying in your...