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We are open for pre-booked appointments and advice and information by phone or email.

For over 25 years our NHS Occupational Therapy team has been helping people in Devon find equipment solutions to stay active and independent.  We are not a shop, we won’t try to sell you anything, which is why you can trust us to guide you through the solutions to suit you. You can call, email or book an appointment to visit our Occupational Therapy team.

‘I was so impressed with the service I received and the information given to me. It was great to be able to try things and there was not any pressure to hurry. I was glad I came! Thank you.’ I.L.C. visitor June 2021

Our website is an introduction to our service. 

Go to ‘Equipment Advice’ to find out about gadgets and technology for independence.

See the ‘Before you Buy Guides’ for guidance when you are buying equipment, and see the ‘Local suppliers’ page for lists of Devon mobility equipment shops.

Devon staff can find out about training and resources on ‘Devon professionals’ page.

On our ‘News’ page you can read our equipment reviews of the latest innovations.

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Devon County Council asked us to help to create a self assessment tool for Devon residents to identify equipment to help at home. Most sections of the assessment process will lead back to the information on our Independent Living Centre website. Please do email or phone our Occupational Therapy team for individual advice and information or to arrange an appointment to try the equipment for yourself.

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The NHS Occupational Therapists at the ILC provide an equipment specialist resource for people in Devon who want solutions to maintain their independence, safety and mobility. Find out more about equipment training, innovations, news reviews and reference materials.

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First class, great to be given truly independent information