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Apps for Carers

Phone and Ipad showing apps There are so many Apps being developed all the time; to make everyday life easier to manage and promote independence and safety at home and when out and about. The ILC Occupational Therapists have searched for some that we think could be helpful and you can read about them here. These Apps are produced and maintained by third parties and are included as information not as a recommendation. See our Apps disclaimer.


Here are some Apps that we found useful for carer support.


This is an online portal which enables all carers/family members to join communicate as a group and manage ‘to-do’ and medication lists, calendar and appointments.  The App needs Wi-Fi or mobile data connection to get updates. Version: 1.5.1. Memory Space: 9.82MB Available on Android or Apple. See website for charges and conditions.



This App is for enabling the people who are involved in care for a friend or family member to join their own  ‘care circle’ with access to a shared calendar and message site. The ‘circle’ can all then be aware of who is planning to visit, when they are visiting and the tasks they are planning to complete during the visit. Available on Android or Apple. Version: 3.8.0. Memory space: 28.4MB. See website for charges and conditions.