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Apps for Hearing and Sight difficulties

Phone and Ipad showing apps

There are so many Apps being developed all the time; to make everyday life easier to manage and promote independence and safety at home and when out and about. The ILC Occupational Therapists have searched for some that we think could be helpful and you can read about them here. These Apps are produced and maintained by third parties and are included as information not as a recommendation. See our Apps disclaimer.


Here are some Apps we have found that are useful if you have hearing or sight difficulties:

Photos are taken on the phone and and record a question about it: Information in a food packet,  meter reading, do these socks match, what colour is this, which is then sent to sighted volunteers. The volunteer will respond to the information and send a verbal or text message back.  Pros: Helpful responses received from friendly volunteers. Cons: Response times vary depending on availability of volunteers. The app does not have the facility to check the quality of the photograph before it’s sent. Some issues uploading photos during trial; may have been due to poor internet signal.
Version: 1.2 Storage Space: 24.25KB Available on IOS and android. See website for prices and conditions.


Live Transcribe
Live Transcribe is very easy to use transcription app, which translates speech to text- including words, numbers, and dates as the person is saying them. Each speaker has a different colour text so you can identify who is speaking. Transcriptions can be saved.
Pros: You can increase the font size and background colour, making it useful for those with both hearing and visual impairment. Very accurate in transcribing words, numbers, dates, along with adding in punctuation. It is quick to show text on screen once spoken. Cons: No on-screen button to turn off the microphone- you have to turn off app to do this and reopen to start a new conversation. Version: 3.0.313045562. Storage space: 41.45 Available on android only. See website for price and conditions.


Speech notes is a speech to text transcription app, which can be used to dictate and share  shopping lists/memos etc.
Pros: Transcribes accurately and allows for pauses. Cons: Lots of adverts, but using in airplane mode prevents this and allows for quicker dictation. Version: 1.2. Storage space: 17.9MB. Available on android only. See website for price and conditions.