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Apps for Memory Support

Phone and Ipad showing apps

There are so many Apps being developed all the time; to make everyday life easier to manage and promote independence and safety at home and when out and about. The ILC Therapists have searched for some that we think could be helpful and you can read about them here. These Apps are produced and maintained by third parties and are included as information, not as a recommendation. See our Apps disclaimer.


Here are some useful Apps that we have trialled for memory support:

Q card app

QCard: This App was developed by Occupational Therapists in Canada to give a person visual and verbal step-by-step guidance to carry out everyday activities like getting dressed or following a recipe. Audible reminders and appointment times can also be set up on-site or remotely by carers or family members.  Pros: Brings together calendar, reminder, and task guidance all in one App and can be personalised and adjusted remotely. Lifetime membership from a one-off payment of approximately £4 with unlimited storage for reminders. Cons: Quite a busy screen which some may find difficult to navigate. Apple Only. Version: 1.5.5   Memory Space required: 9.2MB  Last reviewed: June 2019

Reminder with Voice By Sergio Licea:  Our reviewers found this to be a simple-to-use diary with typed or voice reminders for one-off and timetabled reminders. 90 inbuilt images and 30 built-in alarm sounds that can be used for each alarm. App does not need to be open to activate the alarm and it has a simple ‘snooze’ or ‘done’ button which is accessible without opening the device.  Pros: One-off subscription payment, easy to use. Cons: Each alarm is only activated once so could be missed. Apple Only. Version: 3.4 Memory Space: 17.9MB Cost: Free initial download. £1.99 for the full version with unlimited reminders.  Last reviewed: March 2019.

Digital Diary by Fashmel: A simple clock/calendar which aims to promote independence. Off-site family or friends can remotely update a Google calendar with events and reminders. The display screen can be personalised with different clocks, colours, and photos. The person can receive and answer phone calls (via SIM) and Skype calls (via Wi-Fi) whilst using the app. It would be most useful used on a device where the app is the sole use of the device. Pros: When new things are added to the Google calendar it is displayed on-screen within 10 seconds; Able to set up a slide show of photos remotely (need internet access); Option to tap the screen and it will read aloud the time/date. Cons: Set up is complicated; When reading the time, it reads the punctuation as well!  e.g. “10:34 am” reads as “ten colon thirty-four am”. The person needs dexterity and understanding to double-tap the screen to stop the reminder or tap the screen to read the time/day/date aloud. Apple and Android. Memory required: 14.18MB,  Version: 5.3