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Equipment advice

Eating and drinking

On this page our occupational Therapists advice on equipment and gadgets to make eating and drinking easier for you. You can try this equipment at the Independent Living centre.

Eating and drinking equipment advice

Taking Care when Eating and Drinking

Guidance for carers at home

Medication management advice

Pills, liquid medicine and ointments can be tricky to take and apply if you have problems with strength,  movement, or sensory loss. Our...

Drinking equipment advice

It is important for your health and wellbeing to keep hydrated and this can be difficult if you are unable to reach or...

Eating equipment advice

If weakness, reduced range of movement or tremor has made eating and drinking difficult, come to our Occupational therapists for advice. The first...

Reminders and guidance to do tasks

We all have our own way of doing those essential, everyday tasks. Our occupational therapists want to find out how you like to...
Eating and drinking news, reviews and innovation
easy grip knives
We have some great new kit in our Kitchen, including this ‘Souper’ Spoon from Good Grips at NRS  The spoon is bendable so...