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Rise and recline chair guide

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Before you buy a powered rise and recline chair, consider the points below:

  • Have you discussed your needs with a healthcare professional?
  • When trying chairs, ensure the chair is the right size for you, when seated, with backrest support and feet flat on the floor, your ankles, knees and hips should be at about 90 degrees
  • With your back fully supported, the seat of the chair should fit the length of your thigh without pushing your calf forwards
  • With your back fully supported, and while wearing indoor footwear, your feet should rest comfortably on the floor without pushing your knees up
  • Check the chair is wide enough for your shoulders, hips, and clothing and high enough to support your head when you snooze
  • Check your arms can rest comfortably on the armrests on both sides
  • The leg rest should support your leg right down to the ankle
  • When seated your spine should be in a natural ‘S’ shape with support from the chair back. If you are seated with your back in a slumped ‘C’ shape, this can cause back pain and skin damage
  • For good posture and support on a recliner chair the seat and backrest should tilt together when reclined. This is called ‘Tilt in space’ recline       
  • Single motor chairs have simple controls to move back and leg rest at the same time. Dual motor controls have more buttons but will allow you to move back rest and leg rest separately
  • Backrests could be firmer button back, softer waterfall cushion or shaped for lateral support. Head or neck cushions may be available
  • All supportive chairs with dual or single motors will recline the back rest a few degrees when legs are raised to reduce risk of back strain
  • Rise and recline chairs can have a flat or angled lift
  • Armrests should extend to the edge of the seat for support
  • Consider the most suitable seat cushioning and if you need pressure relief
  • Consider your seated and reclined position in the chair for all your requirements e.g. reading, watching TV, socialising
  • Always check underneath before you lower your chair, if you have pets or small children you might need an ‘anti-entrapment’ device
  • You will need space behind the chair to accommodate the recline.

Expect to pay from £1,500