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Equipment from an advertisement guide

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Before you buy, consider the points below:

  • Check the leaflet, website or advert has a UK address and phone number for any future contact
  • Contact the Independent Living Centre 01392 380181 to discuss all equipment options, suppliers and price you should expect to pay, before you respond to the advert
  • Follow up on other suppliers and products recommended by ILC
  • Check if the equipment will fit and work effectively in your home
  • When responding to the advert ask for a price and running costs before you give them your details or decide if you want to proceed
  • Talk to family or a friend before asking a salesperson to your home
  • Make sure someone will be with you when the salesperson calls
  • Make a fixed appointment time and date always check the identity of any unknown caller, if in doubt phone the company and ask for confirmation
  • Check you are given the full price including VAT, delivery, fitting charges as well as any arrangement for service and repairs; it is always preferable to have a named local company for repairs and servicing
  • Try out the equipment before you make the decision to buy
  • Check the equipment will fit and work in your home
  • Don’t be pressurised to make a decision straight away
  • Don’t sign anything until you have checked all the small print and if possible get a friend to check it too
  • Check how long you have for changing your mind about the equipment and whether this time scale is from the date the form is signed or from the date the equipment is received. Make sure the ‘returns’ agreement is in writing
  • Check the guarantee
  • Don’t pay a deposit unless you are sure you want the equipment and the price is right
  • Get a receipt for any payment made with the name, address and contact number of the company and keep it for future reference
  • Get everything in writing. Don’t accept the salespersons word
  • Contact your local Trading Standards Department for more information or if you have had a problem with any supplier