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Trolley or caddy guide

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Before you buy, consider the points below:

  • If you need equipment to walk safely indoors or are at risk of falling at home, ask a healthcare professional for advice
  • If you use a traditional 2 wheeled walking frame at home and need to carry food or drink between level rooms at home consider a ‘Caddy’ with a tray, which fits to your traditional 2 wheeled walking frame. The Caddy has space to carry small items, plates and drinks
  • If you don’t use a 2 wheeled walking frame and you don’t have the balance or strength or stamina to carry drinks and food around level rooms at home, a 4 wheeled height adjustable trolley may be suitable
  • To use the trolley safely you need to be able to push it with both hands and keep the trolley close to your body as you walk with it
  • The trolley has 4 small castor wheels which are easy to manoeuvre indoors. The standard trolley has no brakes
  • To adjust the height of the trolley to suit you: stand upright with arms loosely by your sides, the centre point of the trolley handles should reach your wrists. All wheels must be adjusted to the same height
  • Check that the trolley will fit through doors and corridors at home and that there are no loose rugs, high thresholds, thick carpets that might impede the movement of the trolley. Beware, the trolley might move too freely on some smooth, shiny or laminate floors
  • They are available with cable brakes if you need more support to walk safely when carrying items around level areas at home
  • Consider safe working load of the trolley
  • If there are steps and high thresholds between rooms you might consider a one-handed tray, to enable you to carry a plate and cup while holding rails or banisters with the other hand
  • A non-slip mat may be required for use on the trolley or tray to prevent items moving about whilst walking.