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Double profiling bed guide

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Before you buy a double profiling bed, consider the points listed below:

  • A powered profiling bed can change your position in the bed, for comfort, support or transfers
  • Always lift the knee section before raising pillow end of the bed to prevent sliding down the bed; sliding down the bed could lead to pressure on buttocks and heels
  • Check you can reach your bedside table from the position in bed
  • Ensure you can manage the controls and that you will be able to reach the controls and find it in the dark
  • Consider which mattress will be comfortable and discuss this with a healthcare professional if appropriate. If the healthcare professional is supplying a mattress check that this is compatible with the bed
  • Double profiling beds can have one full width profiling mattress base, 2 x independently profiling mattress bases, or one side profiling and one static. If sleeping with a partner in a bed with one side profiling, consider risk of entrapment
  • If requiring a bed with 2 profiling sides, consider whether each side will be wide enough for comfort
  • Double profiling beds have mattress base widths from 4ft to 6ft. The overall width of a double profiling bed will be wider than a standard double due to framework required. Check the overall width of the bed can fit in the room. Check if standard sheets will fit
  • Consider whether height adjustment is needed – this may help with transfers or with care on the bed. Some double beds have the option of only one side being height adjustable. Consider entrapment risks
  • If using equipment such as hoists, check there is clearance under the bed and enough access around the bed
  • If you need to move the bed, check if it has lockable wheels
  • Ask ILC for a list of local suppliers and when choosing a local supplier, ask if they can also maintain the bed
  • If buying from an advert please contact trading standards or refer to ILC guidelines ‘Before you Buy from an advertisement

Expect to pay from £5,500 for height-adjustable versions, including mattress