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Equipment for medication management guide

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Before you buy, consider the points listed below:

  • If taking medication is difficult discuss your current medication with your pharmacist to find out if it can be provided in an alternative way
  • If you are unable to open medication packaging there are gadgets available to assist with bottle, packet and blister pack opening
  • Tablets can also be stored in daily or weekly pill organiser boxes with separate compartments labelled for each dose. Check with your pharmacy that it is safe to store your tablets in this way
  • If you need a reminder, some pill organiser boxes have a built-in timed alarm
  • Some pill boxes are automated to dispense tablets at set times with alarms that alert your call centre or a carer’s mobile phone if you don’t dispense the tablets at that time. Consider who set the timer and who will fill the dispenser, some pharmacies will do this but may charge for this service
  • Mobile phones and computers can be set with timed text or audio reminders to take medication. Medication reminder mobile phone apps are also available. If you don’t use a mobile phone there is a simple hand held gadget that can be programmed with timed voice reminders
  • If a pill is too large to swallow, discuss alternative medication options with your pharmacist. Gadgets are available to split or crush tablets to make them easier to swallow but you must check with pharmacy that this is suitable for your tablets
  • If swallowing tablets is difficult, a specially designed cup with a pill holder spout is available to purchase, to dispense the tablet and water to make swallow easier
  • When taking liquid medication, soft flexible cups can help when head movement is restricted. Spoons with a reservoir can also be purchased to prevent spilling when measuring or taking liquid medication
  • If you have a visual impairment there are braille labels, magnifiers and talking label systems available to assist. Phone apps are also available to read medication labels and prescriptions
  • If strength or dexterity makes it difficult to dispense eye drops, gadgets are available to help hold and squeeze the bottle
  • For applying lotions to out of reach body parts you can buy long handled applicators, some with washable, interchangeable lotion pads
  • If you are concerned about medication safety at home, small lockable safes can be purchased