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At home and indoor activity advice

Seating position is important for all activities and we can look at how you sit and how you like to work and how changes to your seating or table position can improve function and comfort when reading, writing or using the computer. We have some innovative office seating designs at the Independent Living Centre including this Saddle Seat from Bambach. We can use a height-adjustable assessment desk to work out the best seated position for you when using the computer, writing or hobbies.

Saddle seat from Bambach

Reading may be easier if the print is larger and we have some simple magnifiers that you can try and can advise you about other magnifying technology available for reading books, newspapers and documents. We can talk to you about reading on a tablet or eReader and about brackets and supports to keep them at the best angle for you to see the text, turn the page or press the button. We have a selection of book stands, slopes and brackets that you can try for electronic readers and traditional books too.

Writing may be difficult for you because of reduced strength, reduced range of movement or tremor. Sitting position and table height will make a big difference and we can try different set-ups to see what works for you. We also have a range of pen holders for you to try too.

Computer access can also be improved by supportive seating and the right table height, we also have a range of specialist mice and keyboards, and can help you to find the technology that comes as standard on your laptop, tablet or home computer.

Reminders may be useful to prompt you at work or when you have appointments and events. We can talk to you about using your existing technology to create reminders on your own mobile phone, or we can show you apps that help you to plan and remember your daily routine; see our App reviews for reminders that can be used on your phone or tablet. We have a range of electronic reminder devices at the Independent Living Centre. Reminders can be set up to give you audible or visual reminders during the day, some have built-in reminders and some can be customised messages and all can be timed to suit you. Some reminders like the My Home helper can be set up and amended by a friend or relative from their home on their own computer.

my home helper

Phones for work or leisure may become difficult to use if you are unable to see, hear hold or use the phone to make a call. We have landline phones set up at the Independent Living Centre so that you can check which style works best for you when holding, dialling, speaking and hearing when making a call. We also have some really simple to use mobile phones like these from Ownfone and information about other accessible phones and phone features that make phone use easier. We can talk to you about other devices to make calls and video calls easier. We can also show you the ‘My Home helper’ screen,  which can support video calls as well as reminders for everyday activities and events.

Telephone options

simple phone from ownfone

Hobbies: We love to hear about your hobbies and we have information about gadgets that could help you continue with your art or craft, including brackets to hold your camera, one-handed knitting devices and grip gloves. If we find that the right gadget doesn’t exist then we can refer you on to REMAP  a charity of Occupational Therapists and technicians, carpenters and engineers who can make, adapt or invent the right gadget for you to continue with your hobby.