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Outdoor hobbies advice

Tools for the garden can be made easier to use with special grips or additional handles and we have some here that you can try, from Peta. You can also try long-handled tools and supportive kneelers which may also help you to stay involved in the garden. We have the innovative range of grip assists from Active hands which can be used with tools or sports equipment if your grip is weakened.

garden tools

Robotic lawn mowers are amazing, we wish we had a lawn at the Independent Living Centre so that we could use one of these amazing gadgets, but we can show you what they do and let you know who sells them.

Grip assist gloves from Active hands can help you use sports equipment and you can try them at the Independent Living Centre. We can also tell you about specialist wheelchairs, frames and ferrules to make mobility easier when participating in sport. We are always looking out for new gadgets.

Participating in sport can be easier if you have the right clothes or sportswear that is easier to get on and off or that can accommodate continence needs. Our therapists can advise on clothing and dressing techniques and continence management equipment to keep you active.

Enjoying the outdoor life and participating in sport may be easier with the right equipment. We have mobility equipment at the Independent Living Centre including sticks, tripods and a wide range of 4-wheeled walkers. We can give you advice and information about  ‘all terrain’ 4-wheeled walkers and ferrules that keep you safer on soft or wet surfaces. We even have a special ferrule for your walking stick to protect the bowling green! We have the innovative Musmate walking support system which can help support foot drop when out walking. We are lucky in Devon to have so much countryside and coastline to explore. If you are having difficulty getting out there, help is at hand, the great network of all-terrain scooters around the county, organised by Countryside mobility. Some of our most beautiful beaches can be accessible to you if you book the beach wheelchair which can be hired from a selection of beaches around the county. If you would rather visit the high street than the beach then we are lucky to have an active and efficient Community Transport Service, with lifts around the county and scooter and wheelchair hire in car parks in most towns and cities in Devon. Active Devon is a community-focused, non-profit organisation dedicated to inspiring and supporting people in Devon to be active.

Trackers may be the solution when someone you care for likes to go out and about in the local community but may get lost or disorientated. We have a selection of trackers that can link to your mobile phone so that you can give that person the freedom to go out and about but can find out where they are when needed. Our team can talk to you about technology to keep you or someone you care for, safe and orientated when going out and about.

4 Tracking Devices

Doors may be a barrier to your active life if you are unable to lock, unlock, and open your door independently. We can give you advice about getting in and out of your front door safely and letting others come in. We can show you gadgets to make handles and keys easier to use like these simple Keywings to make standard keys easier to grip. We can also talk to you about technology to help you automatically lock/unlock, open and close your door. We can talk to you about intercoms and doorbells and key safes, to help you control who comes into your home if you can’t reach the front door.


Getting in and out of a car may be difficult for you and can sometimes make going out and socialising more difficult. We have a selection of gadgets, ideas and techniques that could help you. When you visit us, we can show you how to use this equipment in your car, to find what works best for you, or we can chat over the phone or by email and work out what may be the best solution.