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Walk in bath guide

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Before you buy a walk in bath, consider the points listed below:

  • It is advisable to discuss your bathing need with a Therapist; a bath lift in your existing bath may be a better solution
  • Walk-in baths replace your existing bath; they have a door in the side and an integral seat. It is advisable to try one before you buy as door handles can be very stiff as they need to create a seal, the step in can be difficult to negotiate, integral grab rails may not be in a convenient position, the seat may be too low for standing and, as you are in an upright seated position, you will not be able to stretch out
  • You will need to consider if the bath with a door will still meet your needs if you become less mobile
  • Buying from a locally established company with a showroom should ensure you can try before you make a decision to buy
  • Ask for a free site survey with no commitment to purchase
  • Ask the supplier to confirm in writing that the bath will fit into your bathroom
  • Ask supplier to confirm in writing that doorway and corridor widths are adequate for delivery
  • Ask the supplier to confirm in writing that your water pressure and tank capacity is adequate for the bath to fill
  • Ask the supplier how long the bath will take to fill and empty. It should take no more than 2-5 mins to fill and 1½-2 mins to empty. You will be in the bath as it fills and empties and as the water cools you will need to ensure your bathroom is warm enough
  • Ensure the cost quoted includes installation and any extra costs
  • Ask for a written guarantee that includes faults during and after installation, including leaks
  • Check the after-sales service, repairs, maintenance including seal replacement when required

Expect to pay from £1,700