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Equipment for toilet hygiene guide

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Before you buy, consider the points listed below:

  • Bottom wiper: These long-handled gadgets grip the toilet paper to extend your reach to clean yourself when seated on the toilet.
  • Bidet bowl: These shaped bowls fit inside a standard toilet to enable the user to wash themselves. The bowl can be put in place before filling and can be emptied directly into the toilet bowl.
  • Hand-held bidet: Small, battery-powered device with a short spray arm is filled with tap water and held in position by hand to give a gentle spray; more of a ‘freshen up’ than a wash.
  • Battery Powered Portable Bidet: This portable bidet has a reservoir of water, heated by battery power with a spray nozzle that fits under the existing toilet seat to give a gentle spray wash. It comes with a carry bag.
  • Hand-held Douche shower: This hose with a shower head and trigger must be plumbed in beside the toilet. The hose is held in position and trigger is pressed to deliver a powerful water wash.
  • Traditional Bidets: A traditional bidet can be installed beside the toilet for a thorough wash after using the toilet. For easier transfers the bidet should be at the same height as the toilet. The traditional bidet will wash but not dry.
  • Bidet Seat with integral dryer: Qualified technicians can install a powered bidet seat onto the existing toilet pan, for hands-free washing and drying. The wash/dry function is operated with a button on a handset. Bidet seats have a smaller than standard aperture and are not compatible for use with shower/commode chairs. Check other users can use toilet safely with bidet seat attached.
  • Wash and dry toilets: Qualified technicians can install a complete replacement toilet with wash and dry facility. These have a larger aperture, are more robust and can be fitted at a height to suit the user. They are compatible with some shower/commode chairs. Adjustments can be made to set temperature, pressure and direction of wash jets. Manual, remote, and sensor controls are available so they can be fully hands-free.
  • Consider whether equipment will impact the ability of others to use toilet
  • Check weight limit on the equipment is adequate
  • Always follow manufacturers instructions
  • See: ‘Before you Buy: Toilet Equipment to help you get on and off the toilet

Expect to pay from £3,000 for Wash & Dry Toilets (+ VAT + fitting),

or from £500 for a Wash & Dry Bidet Seat (+ VAT + fitting)