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Bath equipment guide

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Before you buy, consider the points below:

  • Consider the shape, fixtures and surface texture of your bath, as these can all affect the fitting and function of bath equipment
  • Non slip mats: These may reduce risk of slipping if standing in the bath. Mats should be placed on a dry, dust free and oil free surface before filling the bath. Waterproof adhesive strips are an alternative
  • Grab rails: If rails are needed for support when seated or for getting in/out of the bath, choose wall or floor fixed plastic grab rails for safe use in the bathroom. Some rails fit to the floor beside the bath and clamp around bath edge; they give a secure grip but may impede use of other equipment. Grab rails that ‘Clamp on’ to the bath with no floor or wall fixing are not secure. Suction grab rails do not have a reliable fixing for a damp bathroom environment.
  • Bath Step: Steps can be a trip hazard in the bathroom. Models with an integral handle may be safer.
  • Bath Seats: Seats give a 6”, 8”, 10” or 12” raised seated position in the bottom of the bath. They fit to the bottom of the bath with suckers or hang on the sides of the bath. Suckers must be fitted on a dry, dust and oil-free bath surface before filling with water. Some have an adjustable seat height and some have adjustable width to fit closely against the bath sides for extra stability.
  • Bath Boards: Fit across the top edge of the bath and can be used as a seat when washing over the bath or can be used with an over-bath shower for a seated transfer. Measure from wall to bath edge to select the correct length board to fit across your bath with at least 1” of flat surface for support each side and less than 1” overhang. Boards have stabilising side pads which fit firmly against the inside bath sides. Most boards are comfortable with a 9” width but wider boards are available and some have an integral handle for extra stability. When seated on the board, lift legs over the side into the bath. Bath Boards can be used with a bath seat to get closer to the water BUT good upper body strength and balance are required.
  • Swivel seats: These seats fit on a portable framework on top of the bath. They have armrests and a back rest and the seat turns with you as you lift your legs over the bath giving the same washing position but more support than a bath board.
  • Powered Bath lifts: see our Bath lift: before you buy guide

Always follow manufacturer’s fitting instructions