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Toilet equipment guide

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Before you buy toilet equipment, consider these points:

  • For effective bladder and bowel function when seated on a toilet your hip and knee position should be a maximum of 90° with feet flat on floor. If toilet seat is higher than this there is a risk of retained urine or constipation
  • When adding equipment to a toilet, can other people using the toilet safely move and replace the equipment?
  • Check weight limit on the equipment is adequate
  • Always follow manufacturers fitting instructions.

Raised toilet seats: 2″ or 4″ removable toilet seats fitted to the ceramic toilet bowl to increase seated height with or without a lid.

  • Check toilet seat height is not too high for bladder and bowel function
  • Check the aperture is big enough to wipe yourself and for men who sit
  • Some raised toilet seats have rails attached, some rails can fold out of the way

Floor standing toilet frame with toilet seat: these frames with seats are placed around the toilet. The seat increases the height of the toilet.

  • Check rail with seat will fit in the space around the toilet
  • Seat is often too high for effective bladder/bowel function
  • Seat aperture is usually not big enough for men who sit and for wiping self
  • Check rails give space for splayed leg seated position

Floor standing toilet frames: these frames without a seat are placed around the toilet to give support when getting on/off the toilet while maintaining good seated position for function.

  • Check rail will fit in space around the toilet
  • Check rails give space for splayed leg seated position
  • Person must be able to push up on both sides: if not they can be floor fixed
  • Wall or floor fitted rails may be more suitable SEE ‘Before You Buy Grab Rails

Sprung or powered toilet risers: These frames fit over the toilet, have a tilt or vertical lift to facilitate standing from the toilet and a lever or powered handset.

  • Check the riser will fit in the space around the toilet
  • Check seat height does not affect bladder/bowel function