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Spring innovations to make teeth brushing easier

ILC Equipment News April 2022

Using a conventional toothbrush can be difficult if your grip, dexterity, or movement is restricted. The solution could be adding a padded handle to your toothbrush, like this from Tenura, or using a grip glove or Eazy Hold Straps strap from  Active hands . You can make an appointment to visit our equipment demonstration centre to try these innovative grip solutions.


A battery powered toothbrush can also help, but now dentists have created the Y-Brush which cleans upper or lower teeth all together in just 10 seconds!  All you need to do is bite onto the mouth piece while holding the chunky handle, moving it from side to side. The sonic vibrations work through the tiny nylon bristles to remove dental plaque. 

Y-Brush manufacturers have had clinical tests to validate this brushing system.

The Y-Brush is pricey at over £100 but if it works for you it could support independence.

Buy direct from YBrush    

Or contact the ILC Therapy team for advice about staying independent at home:

01392 380181