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Therapeutic Positioning and Dementia Care

Some of our ILC Therapists have recently attended Jo De Clercq’s training on ‘Therapeutic Positioning and Dementia Care’. Jo is a Belgian physiotherapist who specialises in dementia care and has worked successfully with people to minimise the effects of paratonia in the later stages of their condition. Attending the training was really inspiring and thought-provoking, and highlighted the current evidence base in Therapeutic Positioning and Handling. Jo’s training had a particular emphasis on the prevention of fixed postures, pressure areas, and managing pain as well as maintaining dignity. The concepts can be applied to other neurological conditions as well. We would highly recommend his course. The following resources are a good starting point for anyone looking to gain skills in this area:

  • Jo’s LinkedIn page gives links to a wealth of research articles.
  • The Tizard article on the biomechanics of body shape distortion can be found here.