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Little Things…….

Many activities of daily living can be challenging when living with mobility problems or health conditions. Often the smallest things can make the biggest difference. At the ILC, we have recently acquired several new smaller items of equipment that we now have in the centre for demonstration. We try to consider every facet of life from getting out of bed to cutting your nails or even feeding your pet. Read on for more information on details of the newest equipment we have available to try at the ILC.

The ‘Easy-Ex Pro Bario Bed Rail’ from Wellell (Apex) can be attached to most beds. This equipment can help someone get in or out of bed and reposition themselves more easily. It is more versatile than most bed rails/levers as it allows the user to alter the angle and height of the handle and therefore position it to where they find it most useful. The bed rail can also fold down so it is out of the way. This is handy if there is another person using the bed or if the user just wants the option of having the rail out of the way when required. It is recommended before use, that the position of the handle is assessed by an Occupational Therapist.







The ‘Topro Guide Handle’ is a useful accessory that can be attached to most Topro four-wheeled walkers. It fits the arm of the walker and can be used by a friend, family member, or carer to guide a person with visual difficulties and or difficulty controlling their walker independently. This can improve safety and reduce the risk of someone falling and give peace of mind to loved ones.







We also now have a ‘No Bend Pet Bowl’ at the ILC. It is a great idea for people who have difficulty bending down to place a bowl full of pet food or water on the floor. It is height-adjustable, easy-grip handle with a non-slip base and will ensure that Fudge the dog or Lola the cat will not be waiting long for their dinner to be set down on the floor!







OwnFone has created an affordable range of uncomplicated mobile phones which can be customised to the user. The ‘Anywhere Fone’ is their newest version and has an integrated GPS tracker and falls detector as well as a call for assistance button. This allows the user to raise an alarm in an emergency and to be located by friends and family if needed. The buttons on the phone are big and easy to see with the option of also having photo buttons or braille if required. The phone is credit card-sized and lightweight and can be worn on a lanyard or carried in a pocket.








The ‘Easi-Grip Scissors’ and the ‘Table-top Nail Cutter’ from PETA UK Ltd are great for people who have difficulty with gripping smaller items. The Easi-Grip Scissors are available in left and right-handed versions and are designed for users who find it difficult to use handles with overrings. They are operated by squeezing gently with the thumb and forefinger or by using the fingers and palm of the hand. The scissors reopen when pressure is released. They are supplied with a blade guard for safety when scissors are not in use. The Table-top Nail Clipper is mounted on a plastic base with non-slip feet. This allows the person to use the device without having to grip and hold the nail clipper with the other hand. The large finger pad provides comfort and good leverage.






The last of our current new equipment, but certainly not the least, is the ‘Patient Bed Blocks’ from Med Design. Patient Bed Blocks can assist a person to move more easily in bed, helping them maintain their independence with repositioning for comfort and reducing their risk of pressure damage. It works by lengthening the reach of the person’s arms. They are ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of grip.