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Occupational Therapy Show 2023

The Occupational Therapy (OT) show is an exciting yearly event for us at the ILC as it is an opportunity for us to network with reps, explore new and innovative equipment, gadgets, and technology and refresh ourselves on the world of ever-evolving equipment to keep the rest of Devon up to date.

Here’s what we found interesting from this year’s 2023 show.

Toilet/bathroom equipment

Langham GE are launching a new concept for the traditional raised toilet seat. In 2024, they will release the Ashby lift 4 inch raised toilet seat for both square and oval toilets, which fits underneath someone’s existing toilet seat. The fixing method is also unique with a top fitting fixing plate allowing the toilet seat to flip up. This new design allows a safer and more discreet way to raise your toilet seat. The Ashby 4 inch lift is retailing at around £65.


Langham GE are also offering a new option of suction feet to fit onto any of their toilet frame or commode range, enabling the equipment to be fixed to the floor and offering more stability to the user.

Surestop, who offer a remote on and off switch to someone’s water supply are one of our old favourites. They are in the process of developing a whole new ‘Eco system’ of sensors which they hope will allow remote control of additional utilities such as gas, temperature control, as well as CO2 and Legionnaires monitoring. Look out for more updates at our 2024 Smart House Event.

Ropox have designed a different version of their swing out sink called the Ropox Quickwash. The sink pulls out and moves up and down with an easy lever operation, allowing access from either a seated or standing position. It is a more cost-effective option retailing at £850, not including installation.

It was also great to see the huge range of Shower chairs including some amazing but expensive self-drive and powered height adjustable options. Contact us at the ILC if you want to find out more.


It was interesting for the team to catch up on new chair designs and to revisit some old favourites.

Silvalea are now selling the Air Comfort manual tilt in space chair which has air-filled cushions and padded footplates. The chair was so comfortable and immersive that it was hard to persuade our team to get out of it! While it may not be suitable for someone with very complex posture needs, it provides great comfort and pressure relief as well as sensory feedback. This chair may be ideal for someone living with dementia who is hoisted, and the easy manoeuvrability makes it a great option for Care homes to consider.

Accora are about to launch slide back armrests on all of their Comfort rise and recline chairs. These armrests are designed to make the chairs easier to use with transfer aids. Look out for this option coming out on all their new chairs next year.

Aidacare, an Australian company, have just hit the UK market with their unique range of products including a modern looking and versatile Rise Recline chair. We are hoping that this may be making an appearance at the ILC in the near future.

Smirthwaite also reminded us of the Protac range of sensory stimulation products on their catalogue, such as their sensory chairs with weighted flaps which we found very calming!


RMS are now supplying the LifeGlider which is a new posterior 4 wheeled walker with perch saddle and pelvic stability belt. The walker is designed to secure someone’s centre of gravity within their base of support. This helps to prevent them from falling forwards or backwards if they lose their grip or their legs give way. This may be useful for people who have balance or coordination problems and leg weakness such as those with neurological or degenerative conditions. We are hoping to have one at the ILC soon so it can be used for assessments.

Motor Step were at the show to demonstrate their range of portable powered step lifts, ideal for accessing your caravan when on holiday.

Topro have designed a new pressure fit floor to ceiling pole, the Grippo support pole, with an impressive range of attachments, see link for examples. This may be a slightly more expensive option; however, the range of attachments makes this product very versatile.

Designability showed us their great solution for parents who are wheelchair users, with their design for a children’s buggy that can attach to a wheelchair.


We didn’t see the usual range of new technology innovation this year.

Pivotell however, are always rethinking their products and showed us a voice sensor and pillow shaker that can now be linked to their Pivotell medication dispensers as well as a prototype tamper proof box which they hope to launch next year. You may get to see this at our 2024 Smart house event!


Moving and Handling

There were some interesting new concepts in moving and handling that would be worth exploring further, as well as useful reminders of other products.

Aidacare showed us their Kera sit2sit hoist which is a very different concept for moving someone between surfaces. It allows the person to transfer quickly between seats without the need to fit a hoist sling.

CJ Medical demonstrated the Q2 lateral turner which uses air inflation to actively roll the person and minimises the need for hands on support from carers.

Buckingham Healthcare were there to remind us of their Buckingham glide board which allows the user to perform lateral transfers more easily. We hope to get one at the ILC to review.

Etac also reminded us of their ETAC Raiser Pro Block for users who need a higher foot position.