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Occupational Therapy Show 2022

The Occupational Therapy (OT) show is an exciting yearly event for us at the ILC as it is an opportunity for us to network with reps, explore new and innovative equipment, gadgets, and technology and refresh ourselves on the world of ever-evolving equipment to keep the rest of Devon up to date.

Here’s what we found interesting from this year’s 2022 show:

Keysafe has designed a new ark Tamo keysafe which features light-up, easy-to-press buttons and is their most securely designed key safe. Check out their range of key safes available:

Active hands always inspire us with their innovative range of gadgets. This year we particularly loved the Magnetic clothing zip, thick-gripped pen & easy to hold hairbrush which are designed to help people who have difficulty with gripping standard items. Active hands are always developing new ideas and we usually love them all!

Drive Devilbiss has recently updated their Bellavita bath lift which is now a Bellavita Nova. This bath lift has improved features that allow the back of the bath lift to be removed when someone has been lowered into the bath to allow them to relax further back to have a soak. The user would need to have good core strength to allow the back to be put in and out but this offers a great way to achieve that relaxed bathing position

Ridley Electronics Limited really caught our attention when we discussed access to properties. The team at Ridley are innovative and creative and will aim to solve any difficult situations in someone’s environment.  We will certainly be using them for our environmental conundrums

Adapt it is another inspiring company that aims to make IT and gaming accessible for all. We particularly love the large button gaming control and large teams meeting controller. They provide assessment, products, and training and are definitely one to keep on your radar

Omi is a motion-activated projection screen that projects a screen onto the floor or table for interactive gaming and fun. We love this concept and think they are great for care home environments promoting social interaction, activity, and entertainment – who says games are only for children?

AKW always has interesting new kitchen & bathroom products. This year we were particularly impressed with their sensor flush which is battery operated, and their rise and fall cupboard which drops down at an angle allowing people to still use their worktops. We also thought the grab bar attached to the kitchen unit was a great solution for someone with mobility and stability concerns. AKW also have a new shower chair in development which can be used in conjunction with their bidet

Care & independence have now taken over Burnett supports,  which can be moulded around a person to provide support in the bath or in chairs. We are keen to invite Care & Independence to the ILC for an update on these supports

Hammond dry suits really caught our eye this year. They can make drysuits to order, to meet anyone’s needs. For example; they can make a dry suit to go over a stoma bag to allow the person to get into a swimming pool or hot tub – allowing people to continue to engage in things that mean the most to them.

Topro has designed a new indoor Hestia Trolley which allows a one-handed braking system, a removable tray, and has integral stand-up bars which is a great feature. We are keen to explore this trolley further and perhaps have one at the ILC for demonstration purposes

Centaur robotics wheelchair is a slim two-wheeled wheelchair that allows users to adjust the height of the chair to allow them to reach eye level with friends, family, and colleagues and reach high cupboards within the home. You can buy it for £6225 or they have a rental service at

Medstrom Select is a bariatric equipment rental company with a wide range of bariatric products including beds, mattresses, seating, and mobility equipment

Smile smart system Powerchairs is an innovative solution to support individual freedom and independence for those not able to control a standard power chair. The wheelchair has technology that is designed to follow a ‘track’ on the floor throughout the home through controls specific to the user i.e. a large button switch controlled by the side of the head or feet

Careflex has a new postural support chair the Smart Seat Pro II. This new, upgraded chair is designed for individuals with complex postural management and pressure care needs. The chair is highly adjustable including the ability to adjust the width and height of the arms as well as remove them altogether. There are markers to indicate the adjustment and also a degree gauge on the side of the chair to indicate the angle of tilt. There is an adjustable pommel that can be positioned and angled to suit the user and the padding can also be adjusted in the headrest

We also learnt about the RolloGuard Slow Down brake system. This brake system can be fitted to the majority of walkers. It helps control the speed of the rollator without having to pull the brakes by either providing resistance to slow the walker down or by stopping the walker when detecting sudden changes in speed. This is designed to prevent the walker running away from the user. There are three different sensitivities of speed reducers that can be fitted depending on the users’ needs

Abilia has brought out the new CARY Base calendar clock to prompt memory and orientation. It gives information on calendar events, time of day, and date. Reminders can be shown on the screen or set up as an audible alarm or spoken message. The screen is touch screen and reminders can be programmed by carers or loved ones remotely

Lifemax showed us their Wireless Video Door Phone, which is a portable unit with a screen that connects to a camera at your front door. It allows the user to see who is at their door and have two-way communication with them. It is a stand-alone system that is wirelessly operated and therefore the user does not need WIFI or landline connection. The unit needs batteries for the screen and is charged on a docking station.